Jazz Arts Initiative in Charlotte, NC


Lonnie & Ocie Davis are doing great things for Jazz and music education in the Queen city through their organization, the Jazz Arts Initiative (www.thejazzarts.org.) I was honored to perform at the JAI Stage at Festival In The Park, April 25, 2015. With Brian Burton on drums. 




Finalist in Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Contest 2014




My Old School


I'll be performing at Toccoa Falls College next week. I studied classical guitar, being in a band, and dating there-- back in the day.


Tosco Music Party


I have been wanting to buy a ticket to the famed Tosco Music Party in Charlotte, NC for years. But I have always had a gig on the same night- so it never worked out. Well, I finally made it on April 20, 2013. And I had the best seat in the house-- center stage as a performer! It was so fun and the audience was very kind and really loves music. Several times a year, a devoted Charlotte audience of over 1000 music lovers sits attentively through a 4-hour variety show style concert. There were acoustic singer-songwriters, a barbershop quartet, blues band, rockabilly band, and so many more. It was a real honor and privilege to be part of this iconic Charlotte, NC event!


Another 6-string sighting



I just got my FretWraps!


I am so happy to find an alternative to scrunchies! Not for my hair- for my 8-string! Have you ever seen a bass player with a hair tie on the neck of his or her instrument? It helps control the overtones by lightly touching the strings (much like a damper pedal on a piano.) This cleans up the sound, but looks a bit silly. So i was very excited to discover Gruv Gear FretWraps. They work great!

Gruv Gear FretWraps


In print!


I found something very exciting in the mailbox today: my 8anjo and me in two magazines! Check out the April issues of both Bass Player Magazine and Charlotte Style!

Magazine appearances


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